Sunday, April 11


 I was scrolling Twitter for drawing inspiration, and I found this from 2014.

The universe provides, sometimes.

 I drew a Future Velma back in 2016 because she is the best of the five.


I sketched out a few vague poses before thinking the art needed to be spooky fun, so let's bring in a bad guy. And a skull in a spacesuit is my jam and my bop and my 23 skiddo and all that.

(I asked my son, who's ten, if he had a favorite Scooby villain, and he said he didn't really care for the cartoon. I grew up on the reruns. I think one channel showed an hour of it daily as quality babysitting TV.)

I worked up the pencils quickly (for me) and inked it on paper. This is 10 x 15.

And to break in this here new tablet, I tried coloring it, which, as always, is done with breath held and muscles clenched for hours at a time.

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