Tuesday, April 10

Flash Commission

That's two CW series commissions in a row, and this one was a group shot of the current Flashes. Here's how I put it together.

Because we have four figures in a letter-sized space, I had to make sure they were large enough to be recognizable without too many body parts bleeding off the page.

I eventually traded Jay Garrick's visible foot for Kid Flash's disappearing hand. I also changed the position of movie Flash's hands.

I didn't fill in the heavy black areas until after the colors. Even with a day's worth of drying, alcohol markers can pick up and smear that ink. Also a layer of color atop blacks can dilute the intensity, making them gray. I needed them to pop with this much red on multiple costumes. I needed them to be distinct fields. Ultimately, I cheated on that by adding a thick white border around Barry Allen Flash after setting down the colors and inks.

I used a correction ink pen for that border and Movie Flash's costume wires.

I don't use markers a lot, but this one came out OK. I shaded the red areas by first coloring with gray markers. I only had so many different shades of red to use. The Jay Garrick Flash's shaded reds turned purple (!) so I went over his costume again with another red marker. His deep-red belt is actually a shade of brown.

You can order your own commission here (shipping included in each size/color price).

4 characters max.

Tuesday, April 3

Sara Lance/White Canary Commission

Gotta commission placed online right after the SC Comicon. Luckily I knew the character, and the patron provided reference material, which is always appreciated.

I worked up the poses in sketches before working full-size. I gave myself extra time to ink and told the patron upfront it would take slightly longer to get it, but the polish would hopefully make it worthwhile. Also it was Easter weekend, and things could quickly get hectic.

And if you get a chance to see the big CW Crisis crossover, which features Sara Lance and everybody else, you gotta.

You can also order your commission (shipping included!):

4 characters max.

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