Sunday, June 19

HeroesCon is Next Week!

I feel like I got a good spot, but, honestly, I get a good reception every year regardless of where I am. That's how good the HeroesCon crowd is.

This will be the HeroesCon debut of NAMELESS, and I have almost a half dozen new prints for sale (also available at my online store). It's been three years since the last Charlotte show, and I expect a big turnout.

 Look for the NAMELESS banner!


Monday, June 6

She-Hulk and Thor print


Had a last-second notion for a HeroesCon print and worked this up in less than a week. You can get the letter and tabloid sizes of it at the show, and the letter version is available to buy through my online store.

Wednesday, June 1

HeroesCon Commissions

If you're coming to HeroesCon, you can order a commission now and pick it up at the show. This is the 40th anniversary show, and if it's anything like April's SC Comicon, it will be packed each day.

Order your con commissions here.