Monday, August 15

Oh Yeah, I Went to HeroesCon 2022

I haven't drawn anything since HeroesCon, because things have been hectic.The moment I put my hand truck of convention supplies behind my table, and I mean the exact second I parked it, I got a call saying my mom had a heart attack. She was conscious and stable, and she said I should stay at the show. So I did. And it was a great weekend, for art and sales.But it was also constant phone calls to check her progress.

Here's a look at my show.

This is my table for the weekend. My right-side neighbor had to leave early, and my left-side neighbor never showed. I had a whole table facade to myself.

I did these for Drink N Draw.

And these were among the commissions.

I am extremely proud of Mister Sinister as Manet's Olympia. That was the weekend's triumph.

But immediately after the show, I had to start being a Dutiful Son and helping my mom. New medications. Rehab. Fixing up a house for someone with newly limited movement. It was a month of travel and phone calls and scheduling and repairs and bills. I also had to prepare for my day-job work convention. From late June to early August, all was chaos. But she is now home and stable and doing well so long as she doesn't push it (and she does).

So now we prepare for DragonCon with cosplays. Costume pics to come.