Thursday, December 12


And with 78,467 words, my first draft of the NaNoWriMo story is done. I have to proof it, and that will surely result in additional writing beyond all the repairs. I still have a character named "XX" because I couldn't cook up a proper name.

Yes, National Novel Writing Month ended 12 days ago. I just finished. But I stuck with it, and dammit that's a victorious victory for my first time. In 12-point Times, single-spaced, it's 181 pages, almost 100 pages for double-sided sheets. Not bad, says I.

Monday, December 2

NaNoWriMo Is Done

But I'm not.

Even with 63,000 words, I haven't finished the story. Maybe another week or two. I hope to be done by year's end, including the first revision.

I really didn't think I could manage the 50,000-word minimum, and I'm glad I tried this. Next year, maybe I'll go back to designing a new cover for an existing book. I remembered one of my favorite books needs new art very badly.