Tuesday, June 29


Slowly, the Thor fanart series continues. This is my fourth try at Loki in the last few days. I just didn't like what I made, and those pieces were all inked and colored. After trying to draw the recent Loki comics costume and little bit of Hiddleston, I realized I wanted to draw the classic Simonson version of the character. And by focusing on the costume and a pose he would unleash, the art fell out of the pencil. 

 Simonson himself liked the art on Twitter, so my feet won't touch the ground the rest of the week.

Monday, June 21


Continuing the Thor character fanart with Sif. 

 Unlike the Warriors Three piece, I wanted to give this thicker black sections to build form. Also unlike the previous art, I inked it on paper and then scanned it for coloring.

Thursday, June 17

Warriors Three

Continuing the Thor theme, here's Volstagg, Fandral, and Hogun. I went through a number of drawings trying to impart more movement to the figures. The coloring may have done a lot to salvage this because I didn't add much black to the characters to suggest form.


Saturday, June 12

Beta Ray Bill


Inspired by the new Daniel Warren Johnson series, I drew a Beta Ray Bill. I wanted to build it digitally as much as possible, and I started with a very loose pencil doodle. I photographed that and then drew atop it. It took much longer than traditional pencils and inks because I'm still learning the tablet.


Monday, June 7

Legion: Admiral and Vermillion

Going through Legion again on Hulu. Love this show. Love the consideration behind every shot. I'm hoping to work up some fanart for it. Here's Admiral Fukuyama and Vermillion.