Friday, August 26

Let's Catch Up

Been a while since we last talked, dear reader. How you doin?

The summer has been a daily air swamp, making morning runs abysmal. The garden tomatoes are slow to ripen, and the vines popped out a few zucchini before dying quickly. The potatoes continue apace, and as usual the volunteer vines do much better than those we cultivated. We might be growing a pumpkin from seeds put in the compost after Halloween. The sweet potato vines are outright monsters, and I hope we're devouring their french fries until March.

It's a week before DragonCon, and we are ready, he said cautiously. The Countess just needs to sew a patch on a robe, and we'll all three have Hogwarts characters, our first full-group cosplay. It's only The Deputy's second Atlanta show, but he has three costumes for this year. He has ached for this year's since last October and picked up Harry Potter in the meantime. We hope to meet one of the franchise's film actors in Atlanta. My DragonCon to-do list for  the weekend is long, but the items will take no time. Clean out the phone, charge batteries, get some folding money. That kind of stuff.

I feel very much like a lower-tier cosplayer, and only use the term because people have used it to describe me. I don't usually consider myself that, but it applies. Cons are more fun when you're in costume, especially DragonCon. It's a whole different experience when you're dressed up. The interaction is more engaging. It's like going overseas and speaking another language for a weekend. To continue the metaphor, I feel like a tourist among the real cosplayers. I have friends who are outright, gosh-darn wizards with fabrics and materials. I paint cloth and can sew on a remedial level. I have the dumb luck of a face that resembles a few characters. My cosplay is most successful from the neck up, and I marvel at those who go to heroic lengths for costume recreation. That's what I can't wait to see next weekend. I'm going to be a fan and wear my team jersey. It happens that my team jersey requires a wig and velvet vest.

Progress continues on the second issue of the eMMA comic. Response has been great for the first issue, which you can buy from me at or the Comixology link over to your right. The plan to have this new installment out at NC Comicon in November won't work, but it means I have all winter to prep both issues for a nice trade.

I have almost penciled the second issue. Inking, lettering, and the cover remain. But that should all be done by December. You'll see the progress here once I'm ready to post more. 

But I can show you these recent panels as eMMA prepares to smackdown Volcano Jack.