Monday, October 6

Redoing The Fly

In October 2011, I did a series of horror drawings for the blog. One of them was a dapper Fly.

It was a goof, but it went over well.

This year, the ZaPow! Gallery announced a Halloween theme show, and I struggled to come up with a new idea. I remembered the Fly and decided to pursue it as a more polished piece.

I started with a reference picture. 

Then I Googled the classic Fly movies to get the head right. Turns out there are a few of them used in the first and second movies. I copied the reference photos freehand on an 11x17 Bristol page and scanned it to play with inks digitally. I intended to ink it on paper, but the digital work let me choose shadow angles and placement.

I then lightboxed the pencils onto another piece of Bristol and inked it in Sharpie. I have nothing against brush and ink, but I can't find inks that are dark enough. Everything hits the page like a gray watercolor.

I added texture and hue to the chair and a thicker border to the figure to pop it forward.