Wednesday, November 21

Outskirts 2 on Comixology

OUTSKIRTS 2 is now available on ! The Lady of the Lake takes the magic rifle into town to deal with the murderous Martins. A pair of English majors turn minor league baseball into Macbeth. And I confront my mental Chernobyl.

Get either issue mailed for $5 each or BOTH for $8.

Get Into The Outskirts

Wednesday, November 14


The Asheville Comic Expo is always a good time, and thankfully it's back after a couple of years. It draws in a great, enthusiastic crowd in a town dying for a pop-culture marinade.

I sold more comics than I expected (yea), and the day flew by. There was a Drink and Draw the night before, and I played with some big PITT pens from Cheap Joe's. I'm a convert to those, and I might play with color more because of them.

Monday, November 5

Asheville Comic Expo This Weekend

ACE returns this weekend, Nov. 10, and for the second consecutive show, I will be cosplaying. Last time, I was Commissioner Gordon.

I turned my con banner into Gordon's window, and I had my desk nameplate, and it was fun for all. One guy passed by and said "hey are you Spider-Man's boss?" And I though "hell, is my costume that bad?" But then I also thought "maybe I could do that one day." So the next morning, we made some J. Jonah and Spidey pics.

The Deputy and I did that for Halloween too.

I resurrected him for FCBD at Comic Envy the next year and wanted to do it again for this ACE. But I added a new wrinkle.

J. Jonah always demands pictures of Spider-Man, and, reader, so shall I. I set up a special Gmail address for the convention day, and I will give table discounts for anyone who sends me picture of Spider-cosplayers or images from the movies and TV series. I want this to be an all-day party.

I'll make a collage of the pictures I get, and I hope it's huge.

There's a Drink And Draw the preceding Friday, and it's for a veterans charity so please come by and get some art.

I'll have my new Doctor Who and Sabrina pages for sale as well as the latest issue of Outskirts. So much doings!