Thursday, December 31

The Last Art of 2015

My final commission of the year was from my neighbor, who recently also bought a Doctor Who and Rose from me. This time she wanted a picture of her nephew with his favorite comic characters. She sent me a reference pic for him and requested the art size. That was it. Some requests are specific, some ain’t. 
The only course correction I made was to not give Deadpool actual weapons. I instead went for the joke, which seems the best option for the character.
This was done on Bristol board with PITT pens and Spectrum Noir markers. I lightboxed the third image and added the nephew.
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Monday, December 21

Last Minute Art For 2015

The latest batch of daily art posted to Tumblr and Facebook. You can now buy the posted pieces here and in previous daily art posts! The price differs if you pick it up at a convention or want it mailed (mail price reflects shipment costs).

You can also order commissions here.

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