Monday, October 21

Even Further Into Inktober




Sister Night

 Mary Marvel

Monday, October 14

Inktober Rolls On

Kat Manx from Power Rangers SPD


Janet from The Good Place


 Flex Mentallo



Friday, October 11

The Winter Hopper

I love Winter Soldier jokes. A while back I made a print based on the pun of Winter Shoulder just to get that dumb joke out of my head.

Then I found out the Captain America comic ACTUALLY DID IT. The arm was removed, and Bucky controlled it to move through duct work and attack bad guys. I love comics.

So when I found out we 're getting Stranger Things 4, I knew we'd find out Hopper is "the American" held in Russia, and I made the connection. He'll be brainwashed and made to do their dirty work. He'll have to be salvaged using coffee and contemplation.

So we have The Winter Hopper.

More Inktober

 Starfire based on the design by Stjepan Sejic.

Another scene from Lego Batman, and I'm talking myself out of doing the whole movie adaptation.

Tuesday, October 8

Lego Batman

Lego Batman is the best Batman movie, and I say that as a 47-year-old who adored the Keaton and Bale movies. Saw the first Keaton film in the summer of '89 and was astonished to see it for sale on VHS that same Christmas for under $20. That was unheard of at the time. The window from theatrical release to home release was much, much longer, and you might pay $90 for a new videotape. I worked at Wal-Mart; Hunt for Red October was $88. And people bought it.

Lego Batman tells you in the first 20 minutes that all the previous Batman films happened, and for that alone, it earns top stars. As dark and somber and perpetually clenched as he has been since the '90s, his history is full of magic and goofiness and winks to the camera, and we have to celebrate that for a franchise built around a man who wears bat ears.

I wish we could get a full-length comic adapting the Lego Batman movie in the traditional comic style and tell that story word for word with people and not block toys. I would buy that immediately. I would DRAW that immediately. Like I did here.

Tuesday, October 1

Inktober Begins!

We just finished reading and watching Deathly Hallows, so let's start with this winning smile and a whole week of Ralph Fiennes characters!

And now Grand Budapest Hotel and Red Dragon!

Have some Hail Caesar!

And then we have M from James Bond and Quartermaine from Curse of the Were-Rabbit.