Wednesday, June 29

eMMA is on Comixology!

eMMA 1 is now available on Comixology for 99 cents! Click here!
See how eMMA starts her hero career against an ungodly number of supervillains, treating each fight as a defense of her SCRAP title!


The 140-page Heroes of Sinclair trade is just $4.99 on Comixology! Six issues of heroines fighting zombies, robots, and bigger robots! Click here!

Or if you prefer, you can get them in print direct from me, the publisher! $15 including shipping for the trade and single issue!

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Monday, June 27

eMMA News

Got an email last week from Comixology that eMMA 1 will be available through their site this week. Stay tuned for the official link.

Or if you want to hold an actual copy in your hands, you can order one right now for $5, including shipping.

You can also order eMMA 1 with a copy of the Heroes of Sinclair trade, all for $15, including shipping.

Tuesday, June 21

Someone Went to HeroesCon

This was easily my favorite HeroesCon. No question.


I had two gangs of friends to bounce between starting with Thursday night, and that evening ended by saying hi to DMC as he walked through the Casanova anniversary party. So yeah.

Friday was a bit slow, but it later proved to be a nice way to ease into the weekend, and Saturday was jam-packed from the first half-hour. My local pack of pals cosplayed Friday and Saturday but took a break behind my table, allowing me to try out the Sirius Black costume for a few hours (with my son’s Marauder’s Map). That went really well.

The annual sexy art theme continued as I was handed a Sexy Swamp Thing and responded with Sexy Etrigan. That drawing loosened me up to try a Tom Baker Doctor Who in a style I usually don’t attempt for someone’s sketchbook. I got good reactions on a Han Solo sketch cover, which sold before I could finish it. I ate at Mert’s in full Black regalia and learned how to eat with a wig. Saturday night ended with the discovery that Force Awakens was playing free downtown in absolutely perfect summer weather right outside the Sex Criminals party. That was a day and a half, right there.

I had some unique commissions on Sunday including three Strawberry Shortcake characters, Vanilla Ice (turned out to be someone’s convention sketch theme), and a panda wearing a Wolverine costume. Those were capped with a request for Daredevil with the Infinity Gauntlet among a ruined city.

It was as good a weekend as I could have asked for. My prints got good reactions, my drawing muscles co-operated, I sold copies of my new comic, and I got to talk to people I don’t see nearly enough.

I left Sunday in maybe the best mood after any previous HeroesCons, and on the way home I spotted the divine red light in the Krispy Kreme window, and, lo, we knew each other biblically.

Plans are afoot to grab adjoining tables next year to create a staggeringly talented art Voltron. Plans! AFOOT!