Saturday, March 27


 Back in 2016, I drew this. Still a big fan of the Agent Carter series.

I recently got a Marvels Legends two-figure set, and their placement inspired some new artwork.

Wednesday, March 17

Alpine and Galactus

 I bought a GI Joe Alpine figure off eBay and had to draw him. Such detail. Such a cool props.

I asked my son to give me a comic book character to draw. He picked Galactus. Because he was in Fortnite.


Monday, March 15

Wonder Woman and Cobra Commander

I've drawn a lot of Wonder Woman. She's the coolest. Myth, gods, monsters, an island of warriors, and bulletproof bracelets. The best.


Cobra Commander needs body language because he has no face. He speaks with his hands. Fists, pointing fingers, confused clenched palms.

Friday, March 12


I asked my son to name me a comic book character to draw, and he insisted instead on Cloud from Final Fantasy Something. Frantic Googling ensued.

Excalibur: Meggan

 Had an idea that didn't quite come to fruition. But I played with colors and layers and brushes.

Tuesday, March 9

Excalibur: Nightcrawler and Captain Britain

I base my Nightcrawlers on chef Marcus Samuelsson. His face is perfect for Kurt.


I added Cap's background in Photoshop and also tweaked his legs.That's an odd angle, and he is top heavy.

Sunday, March 7

Excalibur: Kitty and Rachel

I'm making a series of drawings of the original Excalibur team from 1987. I loved that title. The comic, especially The Cross Time Caper, feels like Chris Claremont asked Alan Davis what we wanted to draw and wrote scripts for it.

I applied color, but it is clearly not a skill set I've developed well.

Tuesday, March 2

It's Beast, Boy

 My son asked for a drawing of Beast transforming like in the X-men movies, and I need to get back to daily pieces as work on the graphic novel winds down. PITT pens and Sharpies, as usual.