Friday, November 22

Endgame Art

The Disney+ app is on heavy rotation in House Debacles, and Endgame holds up.

Sunday, November 3

NC Comicon Bull City

After two years' absence, I am back in Durham for the fall NC Comicon. This show has always been non-stop, probably as folks shop for Christmas gifts and perhaps lubricated by adult beverages available on the con floor. Either way, I hated being away, and I'm glad to be back.

Find me at table A-113, near the big names for the show. I caught a sneak peek at the program and saw who my immediate table neighbors are, and it looks like we're all in for a fine time. As always, cosplayers get a discount on each item at my table. I wanna see your costumes.

I have a new trade, the first bound book for the OUTSKIRTS anthology, and the Cosmic Ladies of the Lake stories front and center. That sets up next year's OGN, which combines Lovecraft, the Heroic Age of Exploration, and, of course, magic weapons.