Thursday, September 26

ACE 2013 and After

Lunch Break Drawings were supposed to help me loosen up my style, but it also imposed a short drawing window, forcing me to commit too soon to a sketch. I worked up these two slowly, returning to them throughout the days to whittle them into shape. They turned out much better.

ACE was a booming show, seemingly non-stop from the moment the doors opened. I did a slew of commissions, large and small, and saw a wide variety of costumes. It was also a nice debut for the latest Sinclair comic. This is a good convention, and you should swing by if you get the chance next year. You can see my photos at Flickr.

Thursday, September 12

Here Come the Heroes

And here's the cover to the Sinclair Superheroes comic debuting at the Asheville Comic Expo Sept. 21. 

This is the shortest Sinclair comic, but it's the biggest in scope. Armory takes Parkour for his first outing as a hero, and they stumble into a big villainous plot. Really big. Cosmic, even. It also sets up the next big arc for the series, and it's the first to feature neither Focus nor eMMA. The comic is $2 for 16 pages.

The comic will be available online or at Comic Envy and Downtown Books & News, both in Asheville. We're also very close to getting on Comixology.

Thursday, September 5

ACE 2013

I'll be at the Asheville Comic Expo Sept. 21. I'm debuting the newest issue in the Sinclair Superheroes line and offering $3 and $5 sketch cards and customizable Loki prints for $5 --  you can make him say anything in a word balloon if you like. Below is the HeroesCon version. The ACE will feature that show's logo and date.

I'm also taking commission requests. You can see the work I did during HeroesCon in June. There's also process blogs (here and here) for two DC heroes commissions done this summer.

I am offering inked commissions (3-character limit) in three sizes:
11 x 14 - $35 (Color $45)
9 x 12 - $30 (Color $40)
7 x 10 - $25 (Color $35)
If you have any questions about ordering your piece(s), please email me.The examples shown are in varying sizes and are available for purchase (email or respond to this post below with inquiries).

This offer isn't limited to ACE. If you're a regular customer of Comic Envy, you can arrange to get pick up your commission there after ACE. Everyone else can arrange for shipment nationwide via PayPal. At ACE, I can take payments or cash or by  credit/debit cards through Square.
+ + +

These prices including shipping costs.