Monday, April 25

Me, Immortalized


At SCComicon (which was bonkers and very successful for your hero), I finally pulled the trigger on something I'd considered for a long time: a 3D scan figure. I've seen these vendors at DragonCon and other shows for years and always talked myself out of it. But SCCC was such a roaring fun time that I had no reason to deprive myself.

I walked by the Shrunk3D Upstate trailer before the show opened on Sunday, and they cranked up the scan-o-tron for me.You walk inside to a spacious cage of lights and cameras. The scan takes one second, and you review the images on a large monitor. You then pick the figure size and price, and they mail you the figure with 6 weeks. I got mine within four. I love it. The detail is amazing.

SCComicon in general felt like many people had waited for COVID to be more manageable, and this was, for them and me, their first show in three years. They came to buy, and boy did they. I think everyone had a solid day behind the table. But SCCC is always a good show for consumers and table folk. It's reliable also for good costumes and family interaction. It's grown within ten years to be a significant con for South Carolina and a nice precursor for HeroesCon in Charlotte a few months later. I hope to get a table in their October one-day show.

Friday, April 8

SC Comicon 2022


For the first time since 2019, I'll have a table at the Greenville, SC, show this weekend. Since then, I made a graphic novel, NAMELESS, and a small stack of prints, including Velma, Hela, three Spider-Men, and The Adventure Zone. Copies of all these and more are also available at my store, Robot Wonderboy.

I also made changes to the original art I'm offering at cons. I'm going with one size (9 x 12) at a higher price, $25 for b/w. There's a constant mantra online about artists setting prices and undercutting themselves, but I'm not at the recognition level where I can get $50 for a quick head sketch or hundreds for a half-figure. I'm just not there yet, but my art has improved to the point where I think the price increase is worth it. I work slower to get a better line quality. This is a test as my first show in three years. I can adjust any of this business equation before HeroesCon in June.

It feels like I have no muscle memory for preparing for cons. I had to start from scratch to pack my boxes and cart and constantly remind myself I have done this before when I start to get anxious. I know that once the doors open, though, the con vibes will see us all through.