Your Humble Host is a lifelong reader and scribbler of comics. I love the works of Alan Davis, Grant Morrison, Ann Nocenti, Mark Waid, and Al Ewing. Many more, of course, but those are foremost as I type this. Ask me again tomorrow, and let's see who I name.

I've worked in publications -- designing, editing, illustrating, layouting -- since 1990, earning awards on the state and national level. Since 2010, I've created my own comic books (Heroes of Sinclair, Outskirts, Nameless) under the Robot Wonderboy studio name. That same year I started tabling at conventions in the Carolinas and Georgia. 
I also tutored high school seniors in making comics as part of their independent study graduation components. They already had the basic work template with research papers: brainstorm, read, outline, work, edit, work, edit. That's how we approached their comic ideas, and at the end of the school year, they had a comic of their own, with characters and dialogue and everything.
I run, I cosplay, I watch rasslin', I eat too many cookies. You know. Grown up stuff.