Friday, October 29

Electro and Kraven

 I found an old-school Electro in Target, and I had to have it. I love that design. Then I had to draw it.

And then I had to draw Kraven.

Friday, October 15

Cabin in the Woods

 The Ballerina/Sugarplum Fairy in Cabin in the Woods breaks my heart every time.

Saturday, October 2


Black and white 8.5 X 11 is $30; color is $40. This includes the cost of packing and shipping. You should get it about a week after you order it.

The fewer characters you ask for, the larger they'll be. I usually limit them to two at this size. Three, tops. Depends on what you're asking for, and we can work that out via emails or texts. Below are some examples of what I have in mind for figure size and poses. If you have specific references in mind (like a certain character costume), you can email it me after you place your order. I don't have limits on the kind of material to draw. Again, we can talk about it make sure you get what you want. Let's make fun art!

8.5 X 11 inches are $10. Or 4 for $30! I have new prints this year! Lookit these beauties!


Samwise the Worthy!

The Adventure Zone Boys!

Jinkies, It's Velma!


OR you can get digital copies (not paper copies!) on Comixology.

140 b/w pages,  $12 including shipping.
Superheroine Focus is employed by the Spire, a private hero company, to protect Sinclair alongside other c-listers hired away from the pantheons of larger cities. In this collection, she fights electrical zombies, female robot cage fighters, and an archvillain from her old stomping grounds as she stands shoulder-to-shoulder with eMMA, champion of SCRAP, and Sue Tonium, the radioactive rollergirl.


70 b/w pages, $8 including shipping.
When the town of Crampton is overrun by supervillains, three youngsters revive a female robot mixed martial artist to play the hero, but they don't agree on what a hero actually is.

70 b/w pages, $12 including shipping
The first four issues of OUTSKIRTS -- including the complete, first Lady of the Lake arc --for one low price.
+ The Lady of the Lake takes up the magical weapon to defend the realm, in this case the Old West.
+ A private detective solves a mystery in her sleep.
+ A young boy learns how to deal with bedroom monsters.
+ A father-daughter hero team have a heart-to-heart during a night fight.
+ Kids unwisely use magic for revenge in a silent horror story based on Radiohead's "You & Whose Army?"

130 monochromatic pages, $12 including shipping
In 1915, Ernest Shackleton and the crew of 'Endurance' are trapped in the Antarctic ice, surrounded by Lovecraftian monsters and a burgeoning mutiny. A Lady of the Lake emerges to bestow upon him a weapon of legend, but they are both shocked to discover this realm already has a Lady and her chosen protector. Now both men must determine their worth in the wasteland, among dangers of this earth and those from beyond.

 And here's a free preview!

 Thanks for shopping!