Wednesday, July 7

My New Graphic Novel

It arrived from the printer yesterday, and I'm afraid to open it for fear of seeing the obligatory typo(s) as dictated by Gaiman's Law. My head tells me it's a collection of Almost Decent Story Parts, invalidating the time and workhours I put into it. But there are pieces I remember liking and others I liked a lot. It's been submitted to Comixology as of today, and it will be up on the online store soon. That's when I'll give you the hard sell, and describing it admittedly still puts a smile on my face.

Tuesday, July 6


 In the 1970s, we had the live-action Shazam/Isis hour on CBS, and I was insane for Captain Marvel.


Sunday, July 4


 More Thor fanart with the Odinson himself.