Tuesday, March 17

New Prints for 2020!

Might as well redecorate while we're at home.

I made two and a half new prints for the 2020 con season, which will still happen. We just have to be patient. But since we're all home staring at the walls, why not put something new up to stare at? You can buy each or all of the below prints at my online store, Robot Wonderboy, and there is a discount if you buy 4 prints!

First up The Adventure Zone. This is my first time drawing the Wet Bandits/Tres Horny Boys after years of listening to the McElroy podcasts. I based the image on the classic Mark Seliger Beastie Boys cover. I made that connection in the live TAZ episode that features the boys back in high school playing in PE.

The second new print is Ben Solo, the redeemed Kylo.

And the third is an updated print of Wonder Woman as WWE champion. The Universal belt was tweaked recently, and I made hers match it.

We're gonna see each other at the next available con. It'll happen. It'll be a good time.