Friday, February 22

Starting the Inks

And here we go. I have 26 pages to ink, scan, letter, and format for print. Roughly 150 panels.

This is the first page and the first panel that I inked. Sue Tonium fans know who this is and know why we have to start this new comic here.

Wednesday, February 20


I needed a break from penciling the comic pages (just finished page 26 yesterday!), and I drew Empowered.

I actually drew Empowered a number of times working on this sketch. I chased a three-person shot for a week, working up maybe five biggish drawings, and none of them looked good. I went back to the lone figure piece.

Empowered is Adam Warren's creation, and we love it at Chez Debacles. It's imaginative and kinetic and genuinely involving. But it's not for kids.  At all.