Thursday, March 24

Wonder Woman is All Elite

I made my original Wonder Woman print some years back, and I gave her the WWE belt. But now, we are an AEW house, and so I had to do a version with that company's top belt. You can get the 8.5 x 11 print via the Robot Wonderboy store.

This version is also available through my store at 8.5 x 11 inches.

Wednesday, March 9

They Found The Endurance!


A year after I sent my graphic novel about the doomed expedition to the printer, the wreckage of Shackleton's Endurance was found in the Weddell Sea. (BBC News)

I am delighted. I look forward to the TV documentary about the efforts to find it and the new spate of books about the 1914 effort to cross Antarctica. 

My book NAMELESS: AN OUTSKIRTS TALE, as you may know, is a very fictionalized account of the ship's final days, throwing in Lovecraft monsters inspired by At the Mountains of Madness and my own Ladies of the Lake mythology and South Pacific mythology. If that sounds like your cuppa, you can get print copies from my store and digital copies from Amazon. Here are some pages.

They found her. After 100 years. Amazing.