Friday, December 31

Super Friends 3 Cover


I was putting away some new comics, and I rediscovered this issue, dated 1977. I would have been four when I got this. It's about an alien scientist who makes a super robot powered by a dozen supervillains. Like an evil Amazo. He's defeated by Wendy and Marvin. I wanted to try my hand at drawing my own version of the cover.

Sunday, December 19

Strange/Spidey Repost (2017)


Here's the story I did for the recent Dr. Strange fanzine to raise money for Heroes Initiative. You can still buy PDFs for it here.

I jumped the chance to do a short comic to see what my skill level is so far. The art feels middling, but I still like the script. My artist would argue that the writer is a hack, so it evens out.

I also provided a pin-up seen on the right third of the top graphic.

I was glad to get a chance to do this for myself and to help the organization. Thanks to Bones Leopard for putting it together.

Friday, December 17


 Wanted to try coloring some more, and I went with a character with simple palette.