Thursday, May 6

Hela 2021

 TNT showed Thor Ragnarok for a few days, and I remembered how much I enjoyed their depiction of Hela. I'm still learning the tablet and brush options, so why not?

I made a very loose sketch on paper and based the digital work on that.

I wanted a certain angle on the body and grabbed references including stock images, action figures, and selfies.

I smooshed them together into this.

I drew over that, basing the costume on Alan Davis' Hela costume.

I wanted the Bifrost and death clouds and something death-y like a skull. Googling and my own skull model helped a lot. The MCU Bifrost tends to flow like water in Endgame, so I wanted that movement.

And after a lot of hemming and hawing and Don Music head bashing into my keyboard, I stopped working when it looked like this.

This print will be available at my upcoming online event, which I will speak more about soon.