Monday, March 26

SC Comicon: I Am Old

That was a busy two days.

I keep notes of every con appearance-- the sales, the costumes, my schedule. As I look back at my 2017 notes for this show, the Saturdays are comparable in sales, but this year's Sunday felt more like a Saturday. I drew the whole dang day. I drew almost all of both days. I drew in my hotel room.

Ive had busy cons before. This is the rare two-day show in my rotation. Most start on Fridays. But I tell you on Monday that I am shot. Maybe I need to get in better shape. I have a few months before HeroesCon. I should run more. Let's try that before my ancient limbs pop off and flee to the hills.

The show is so much bigger its 2014 debut. It's a testament to the organizers and the attendees. I sold a Wonder Woman print to a woman with Wonder Woman clothing, attending her first show. "These are your people, I told her." Her husband turned to her and said, "that's what I told you!" She was delighted with it all. It's a party, y'all. They're all parties.

Here's some stuff I drew and some folks I saw.

Thursday, March 22

SC Comicon and My New Stuff

At the end of last year's convention season, I hunkered down to have new stuff for this season. My version of artist hibernation. It resulted in OUTSKIRTS, a multi-genre anthology that debuts this weekend at SC Comicon. It has Arthurian western, comic noir, and a silent horror story based on Radiohead's "You And Whose Army?" This is my effort to level up across the board with my comic skills.

I also have eMMA: CHAMPION, a trade of my origin story for the robot cage fighter trying to be a superhero. But she's programmed to want that championship belt, and that leads her astray sometimes.

AND I have two new prints, Squirrel Girl and Harry Potter!

It's always a good show, so come on by and see me at table 628.

Tuesday, March 20

New Squirrel Girl Print

I needed to make new prints for last year's convention season, and because I love me the Squirrel Girl ...

And it's OK. For my work anyway. But I realized Doreen's book is a group title, and I wanted her gang in there. The Legion of Squirrel. The Squirrel World Order.

So I started sketching.

Then I moved to 10 x 15 space before realizing I wanted to draw on the reverse, giving me the full 11 x 17 area. It's a good thing I'm pretty.

And then I lightboxed it and inked it.

And slapped on the colors with my barely competent flair.

And this print debuts at this weekend's SC Comicon show. Come by and see me!

And yes Loki is looking at Nancy. Wouldn't you?

Can't make it to the show? You can buy an 11x17 print for $20 (includes shipping!)

Want it signed?

Wednesday, March 14

My First Harry Potter Print

Zapow, the pop culture art gallery in Asheville, is holding a Wizarding World theme show on March 24, and I worked up some art for it.

The Deputy and I are reading Order of the Phoenix, and I wanted to make a piece with Harry and Sirius. I hate Black's departure from the series, and this is my way of immortalizing him while he's still alive and defiant, blasting Death Eaters alongside his godson.

We have Harry Potter costumes for conventions, and we dusted them off for the reference photo.

Problem is, my guy can't quite match the way Harry looks in that book. He's too young, too small. But I got him in the photo for some father-son fun time, and then worked up the sketch with the appropriate Harry.

I drew the background item -- The Veil -- on a separate board. I then scanned in both pieces and smooshed them together with the proper angles. I also added the translucent mist within the archway.

Then I printed the final image and lightboxed it to a third board. Then I inked over that.

Then I scanned the inks and colored them. I removed the hatch lines from the mist and used brushes and blurring to build them in Photoshop.

I'll have prints of this for the March 24-25 SC Comicon and right here!

Harry and Sirius
11 x 17 print for $20, including shipping.

Tuesday, March 6

SC Comicon Commissions

If you're coming to the SC Comicon (March 24 and 25), you can pre-order black-and-white or color commissions with the below PayPal button. Please note the character limits on each price. I'll have the pieces ready for pick up Saturday morning. Let's make some cool art!

Note character limit on prices