Wednesday, May 2

Another Comment on Amendment One

Speaking of Amendment One, I heard the local Christian radio station take calls in favor of the measure yesterday, and the word "sodomites" was thrown around quite a bit.

Of course Sodom was the name of a city destroyed by God in judgment of its full-throttle wickedness. Let's look at where this happens: Genesis Chapter 19. Lot was judged worthy to survive the judgement because he took in angels and protected them from a voracious riot. He offered the mob his virgin daughters instead, but the angels blinded the mob instead and closed the door. The angels decreed that enough was enough and announced death was coming. Lot escaped with his wife and his two virgin daughters. His wife turned to salt after looking at the destruction against the orders of the angels. So, good guy lives, and all the bad sodomites die, and a billion pulpit condemnations born.

But there's more.

Because Lot was getting on up in age, and his other daughters were killed in God's judgement, his 2 surviving, virgin daughters decided they had to get the bloodline going again. So they took turns getting him drunk and having sex with him. Just days after Sodom and Gomorrah were judged and wiped out, the father deemed worthy to outlive them all engaged in blackout incest on consecutive nights.

The point: If Amendment One is designed to codify proper sexual relations, let's not forget that not all heterosexuality is on the up-and-up. Or, you know, however you prefer to word that.

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