Thursday, March 22

SC Comicon and My New Stuff

At the end of last year's convention season, I hunkered down to have new stuff for this season. My version of artist hibernation. It resulted in OUTSKIRTS, a multi-genre anthology that debuts this weekend at SC Comicon. It has Arthurian western, comic noir, and a silent horror story based on Radiohead's "You And Whose Army?" This is my effort to level up across the board with my comic skills.

I also have eMMA: CHAMPION, a trade of my origin story for the robot cage fighter trying to be a superhero. But she's programmed to want that championship belt, and that leads her astray sometimes.

AND I have two new prints, Squirrel Girl and Harry Potter!

It's always a good show, so come on by and see me at table 628.

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