Tuesday, March 20

New Squirrel Girl Print

I needed to make new prints for last year's convention season, and because I love me the Squirrel Girl ...

And it's OK. For my work anyway. But I realized Doreen's book is a group title, and I wanted her gang in there. The Legion of Squirrel. The Squirrel World Order.

So I started sketching.

Then I moved to 10 x 15 space before realizing I wanted to draw on the reverse, giving me the full 11 x 17 area. It's a good thing I'm pretty.

And then I lightboxed it and inked it.

And slapped on the colors with my barely competent flair.

And this print debuts at this weekend's SC Comicon show. Come by and see me!

And yes Loki is looking at Nancy. Wouldn't you?

Can't make it to the show? You can buy an 11x17 print for $20 (includes shipping!)

Want it signed?

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