Monday, July 21

Making a DragonCon Costume: Poncho Paint

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The look we're going for.

While The Countess took the pinned panels to her parents' sewing machine, I tested the fabric paint.
Instead of using sequins or rivets for the tabard trim, I decided to go with paint. I wouldn't have to worry about things falling off the costume, and if a paint dab was damaged, I could replace it easily. I bought three types of fabric paint from the craft store and cut out three scrap strips of the cloth.

Place bets now.
The Martha Stewart brand (right) comes in a tube with a small cap. I applied it with a paint brush but found it too thin. I thought the Tulip brand 3D paint (left) would be the winner, but it dispenses too quickly. That makes for a small pile of paint in no time. That's unwieldy. Might be good for piping though.

Gloopy goo.
But the Elmers Painters stick has a nice applicator tip that's the perfect size, and it's a thick paint.

Da winnah
This is my new best friend. I did these rows in about ten seconds. I can bust out the pleat trim in no time. And speaking of which ...

Sewing porn.

The tabard is stitched into pleats now, thanks to The Countess. The back panel doesn't quite work the way we thought, so that will be set aside and placed on the mental back burner. But we are getting there.

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