Friday, March 29

More Cover Figure Work

This time I drew eMMA, star of her own comic and tip-top robotic butt-kicker.

 It helps when doing this kind of thing to have a rough idea at least of the pose you need. I sketched out a cover image with four figures (five if you count the silhouetted villain in the background). I knew how each figure would be posed and, again roughly, how they'd be layered atop each other. eMMA, the tallest, would be in the back.

My first try at the face didn't look right at all. The eyes are at an odd angle, and even when copied exactly, they didn't work. That's a trick of drawing: Even what's true isn't what works best. Artistic license isn't (only) an excuse for laziness. It can also means design and clarity trumps truth.

The cover is very close to being done, and I can tease it properly next week.

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