Friday, March 15

Starting the Comic Cover

I'm thinking of a group shot for the new comic cover, and I recently worked up the image for Focus.

The cover will crop her out at the knees, so there's no reason to draw any farther than the quads. I'm thinking of adding three more characters around her to highlight the leads in this issue. Massive spoiler: Focus is a lead for this issue.

The missus posed for the body, and I used my own head for reference.

Her original Muppetesque jawline was softened considerably, and I moved the eyes around. The mouth was enlarged and properly be-lipped.

Adobe Illustrator provides automatic trace and paint features, but I started this style before we had Live Trace (olden days: Oregon Trail, dial-ups, sundails), and I prefer to build the image myself.

This of course is not the first time I've used myself for reference as a lady person.

So. Progress.

The comic hits da streets in June.

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