Tuesday, March 5


Last summer I made a superhero character for a friend's son. He worried about surgery on his arm to prepare for a prosthetic, and I wanted to do something. I had eye surgeries as a kid, and it's frightful. So I made Arsenal.

Arsenal has a sci-fi right-arm prosthetic that's full of gadgets. He loved it. His mom loved it. I added him to my 2013 comic  (set to debut at HeroesCon).

And then I saw that the cartoon Young Justice has a character named Arsenal. Who has a sci-fi right-arm prosthetic that's full of gadgets.


I really didn't want to change up my guy. I thought the design worked all over, and his mom helped create the hoodie logo, and damn it all to hell.

I suggested a change. If he can't be Arsenal, howabout another name starting with A? "Able" was a bit too on the nose. What other A words can suggest his gimmick?


But is that too punny? I mean ... arm-ory?

No, I thought. That's comics. That is wholly comic-y.

Yes. Armory.

I floated it by his mom, who approved.

So he's Armory now. I made his prosthetic more of a science-based Green Lantern gimmick, and he'll play a big part in the 2013 comic.

Now I gotta come up with a name for that.

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