Tuesday, January 8


I just finished the thumbnails for the 2013 comic to debut at HeroesCon in June. It came out to 24 pages much to my surprise/delight/giddy relief.

Proportional page template, script, 2h pencil, and eraser in my giant sketchbook.

Here's my thumbnailing set-up. I have my typed script grouped in loose panel breakdowns but not in page increments. I play with page grouping, and my only concern here is the page count. I try to keep each page's eye-motion moving in the traditional Z pattern, but I break that for dramatic purposes. Each sketchbook page holds 12 thumbnail pages with just enough room for script notes in the margins.

I was at page 14, thinking I was gonna have to cut scenes, but I drastically changed the big hero moment for Focus, my lead heroine in the Sinclair city hero group.This meant I pretty much chucked the script after that page, but I did meander back to where I wanted to go, and I arrived at a dandy last page  that hit me out of the blue.

I intend to group this comic and the previous four Sinclair comics into a trade to get it into bookstores, and I aimed this story toward a good conclusion. I also wanted to try some panel tricks and camera angles I couldn't pull off before. If I never make another Sinclair comic (or any comic period), I can look upon this with pride.

I'll let this sit for a day and check it again with fresh eyes and adjust the comic if need be. Otherwise, I move onto the full-size pages.

I even have a cover idea, and that never happens this soon in the process. Beans and rice.

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