Thursday, January 31

Project Pockewatch

If you linger online and keep your ear to the pop culture grapevine, you might have heard about a Kickstarter project based on Superman Lives. In the late '90s Tim Burton and Kevin Smith were brought together to make a new Superman movie, and it was infamous for its casting choice: Nic Cage. This was obviously years before Bryan Singer's Superman Returns and this year's Man of Steel.

Throw your mind back to 1997. I was a member of Kevin Smith's online community. Smith had made Clerks and Mallrats and had just made Chasing Amy. I was not a prominent figure, just one of the thousands on the View Askew message board. But I was fascinated with Smith's Superman Lives script. As a burgeoning comic wannabe, I thought I could whip myself into shape by adapting the script into a serial of scene highlights. A web comic, you could call it. If you wanted. It would give me a schedule to follow and a public forum to live up to.

For all of 1998, my serial, called Project Pocketwatch (after my VA screen name), regularly offered new scene moments based on Smith's casting ideas and my feeble, woeful drawing efforts.

Here's some of the roughly 40 images I made for the project. 

Man, is Nic Cage hard to draw.

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