Thursday, January 24

Page Pencils

I have a workshop. I have a drawing table. But I also have a toddler. So I haven't seen the first two items in a while.

Instead I draw in the house proper where I can watch over the deputy. Here's my kitchen workplace.

The hat is for art reference. I won it from in a name-the-band cover contest. The red car is also for reference. At this counter, I can see the deputy watch cartoons for hours on end. Makes for an un-fun work soundtrack, but I don't have the usual temptation to watch the TV while working.

The deputy was sick for a few days, so I got some work done. This is a week's worth of pages.

Seven pages isn't bad, especially when one panel took upwards of five hours from perspective grid to finished pencils.

These pages feature a lot of blah-blah, setting up the following 20+ pages of rootin'-tootin' action. This is the Big Bad monologuing. 

And this is when the good people of our fair city realize something bad's coming their way.


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