Friday, January 4

Let's Make a New Comic

Because of a freelance project, I'm behind in starting the 2013 comic, intended to debut at HeroesCon in June. That gives me right at five months to get this written, penciled, inked, laid out, lettered, covered, and printed. Oy. But this will not be as big a comic as last year's Battle Royal, which was a stupidly huge 40+ pages. No, this comic will be smaller and tighter. I envision it as the last chapter of a trade, a five-issue hero arc. If I never make another comic, this will be a fine place to stop.

The script is done as of today, and I am going to sketch out my thumbnails. I already have the script story-boarded in my head for camera placement, but the thumbnails will tell me how well the panels work together. And that brings me to the most important tool of this stage of comic craft.

This is my page template. I used the same template for both 2012 comics, and it works great. I trace the template outline and sketch my comic inside the reduced, proportionate page dimensions. Hopefully the comic will be thumbnailed by the beginning of next week. I'll let it sit for a day and look at the pages with a fresh eye before starting the full-size pencils.

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