Monday, July 25

Bossk Office: Captain America

To properly assess the success of Captain America, we again look to two toy versions of our favorite bounty hunter from Empire Strikes Back.This is Bossk Office.

Chipper Bossk: Just saw Captain America. I can't remember the last time I was so delighted by a film.

Surly Bossk: Scott Pilgrim?

Chipper Bossk: Maybe Scott Pilgrim, but I didn't have the same emotional investment with that film that I do for this one. I mean, I've read Cap since I was hatched.

Surly Bossk: And they got it right? 

Chipper Bossk: So, so right. This is a fantastic boys movie. It's nothing but adventure and resolve. It's funny, it's emotional, it's ... I can't stop smiling.

Surly Bossk: It wasn't too inside?

Chipper Bossk: Didn't seem to be with the audience I was in. They had a ball. There are a lot of comic book touches here. Clearly the filmmakers embraced the source material.There's even a fantastic line referencing a similar film about Nazis and historical artifacts. As a comic geek, there was lots of little trivia bits that made me gasp with, well, I go back to 'delight.'

Surly Bossk: Maybe I shoulda seen this after all.  

Chipper Bossk: You woulda liked the Red Skull. He's got the right attitude. He's not merely cackling and cursing the hero. He's motivated and smart. A good hero demands a good villain, and we got both. This is a credible Cap. There's a fantastic scene between a pre-powered Cap and the scientist who devised his miracle growth. Just two guys in a barracks talking about motivation and hope before we get to the costume and explosions. It elevates the whole film.

Surly Bossk: So no quibbles at all? 

Chipper Bossk: I got some lingering questions. Like exactly why was the English woman so involved in an American effort? Not that I mind her presence, you understand. Also, having not seen Thor yet --

Surly Bossk: For which we are humiliated. 

Chipper Bossk: There may have been references I missed here. But the film starts with a strong connection to the same Thor playground, and I felt that was sufficient for the film's MacGuffin. And speaking of connections, for the love of Dengar, stay after the credits.

I loved this film, I tells ya. It hits home runs everywhere.

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