Thursday, July 14

It's the New Style

After some weekend frustrations with simple sketches, I decided my art style was working against me. I had to fight the art at every level. I needed to open up the style, make it looser and more fun, and for that I looked to Adam Warren's art style (link probably NSFW). I dusted off my Empowered comics and tried my hand at emulating the style just enough to break some art habits.

It's a start. The art was much more fun to work through, and it seems more natural to thicken the lines and rely more on dark areas to build mass. It's not a final victory but a good start. I'd like to copy Warren outright only in printing finished pencils. My inking is as painful to look at as it is to do.

The moral: Make it fun. Because if you're gonna do a comic, you're gonna be drawing and drawing and drawing.

Also, I made the local paper.

Gregory Dickens works at his drawing table in his home office in Brevard. In front of him is his “serial killer wall” which holds samples of drawing, photography and other artwork that he sometimes uses for inspiration or example. Over his shoulder is a collection of science fiction and super hero action figures, also used for inspiration. (Times photos by Robbie Robertson)
Thanks to reporter Robbie Robertson for the fun interview and article.

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