Friday, June 24

Vampi Sketch

I clearly don't know what I'm doing. Not only have I have drawn Vampirella for the very first time, but I didn't bother to draw her chestal accoutrements, and that's approximately 60% of the character's appeal (leaving 35% for her tush and 5% for her fangs). I have failed at small-time female comic character sketching.

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Here's the new trailer for the Captain America movie. It continues to look a little flat -- as in "those sets look like backlots" -- but the low-budget retro style harkens back to Rocketeer and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Hopefully it won't be as middling as The Shadow and Phantom. Those films couldn't elevate themselves beyond the stifling doldrums of b-movie cliches. I think Marvel will be happy if it makes $70 million, just as long as it properly prepares audiences for next year's giant Avengers film.

Hugo Weaving is getting all the nice genre-film gigs, and I like to imagine him laughing manically on a pile of his own action figures.

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