Thursday, June 23

Batman Sketch

Behold the Batman.

It's a delicate balancing act to get those ears at a length that doesn't make him look like a spork. In the lingering debate about Batman with or without visible eyes, I vote for the opaque, white mask lenses. It provides mystery and avoids the cinematic horror of facepaint showing where the mask doesn't cover the skin around the eyes. How does a quick-changing superhero have the time to apply that makeup with such care? Does he use a paint roller?

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I just found this video of a book-and-record I had as a kid. Sit down for about 15 minutes and look at that fine 1970s comic art. It's a little Neal Adams and a little John Buscema. See if you can explain why Conan sounds like a dad from a 1950s radio show.

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