Monday, June 4

Comics and Sketches For Sale!

I found three boxes of my comic waiting for me late last week, and hokey smoke, they look good. Ka-Blam Printing is the way to go, people. I sent my files on April 17, chose the cheapest shipping window, and had my books by June 1. And speaking of quick turnarounds, I reprinted 110 issues of minis from OfficeMax on Thursday, and they were done Friday afternoon. These copies surpass the originals, thanks to newer technology. Things are looking good for HeroesCon.

Speaking of which, I'm going to have art to sell. As with last year's Fanaticon in Asheville, I'm bringing my wallet-sized sketch cards to Charelotte. Put a hero/villain in your wallet. Here's one I did yesterday while watching this week's SmackDown.

And here's the sheet it came from. Cards will run around $3.

I'm thinking of making sheets of Avengers cast members, and selling those at a premium.

But you'll also be able to buy sketches posted on this blog and Facebook in my Sketchtember folder. Here are some examples:

Prices will vary for media and size, and I will be taking commissions. Inked 6x9 sketches (like the inked images above) will run $10, and you can request sketches before HeroesCon by emailing me here. Or reply below.

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  1. sketches look great! hope they all sell like hotcakes!