Tuesday, September 28

GregoryCon: Commissions

A number of people interested in GREGORYCON haven't been to a comic convention before, and commissioning artwork might be new. Not to worry, everyone, I'll walk you through it.

When I have a table at a con, the conversation usually goes like this:

"Hey, are you taking commissions?"
"Can you draw [Batman/Deadpool/Harley Quinn snuggling Poison Ivy]?
"Love to."

It's really that easy. I love the ideas folks have for commissions, even if it's simply their favorite character. They suggest people I've never thought to draw before.

The con runs Oct-9, but you can always ask me about your ideas beforehand. Coming later this week, previews of prints and trades!

All purchases will be done via my online store: www.robotwonderboy.com starting Saturday, Oct. 2.

For the inaugural GREGORYCON, I'm offering one commission size  -- 8.5 x 11 inches -- for two reasons. One, this is a manageable art size, and it's easy to find frames for the art afterward. Also, it's an easy size to mail securely and affordably.

B/W letter-size is $30; color is $40. This includes the cost of packing and shipping. You should get it about a week after you order it. If there's a delay, I'll contact you. I don't want anyone to wait and wait. I've been there, and it's frustrating.

The fewer characters you ask for, the larger they'll be. I usually limit them to two at this size. Three, tops. Depends on what you're asking for, and we can work that out via emails or texts. Below are some examples of what I have in mind for figure size and poses. If you have specific references in mind (like a certain character costume), you can email it me after you place your order. I don't have limits on the kind of material to draw. Again, we can talk about it make sure you get what you want. Let's make fun art!

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