Saturday, September 12

Fanfic of Thrones

My son and I and I cosplayed as Littlefinger and Tommen at Dragoncon, and he will not abide by their deaths (He knows very little details of the series, just basic plot points as filtered by Mom and Dad. Honest. He’s ten.). He's writing a Game of Thrones fanfic to bring them back, enlisting You Know Who. He asked for a cover. I can do that.

I thought I finished the pencils, but he asked for a dragon. Right at the last second too. I made a new bottom edge on the pencils, measured the amount I “cut away.” and added that same amount of new board at the top. I could then add his dragon and keep my original art dimensions.

 I started off with some Alan Davis cover style sketches. He does great "standing people" compositions.




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