Thursday, September 3

A Plateau

 I started writing the OUTSKIRTS graphic novel almost as soon as I wrote a certain panel in the anthology series. That was 2018. It was a vague suggestion that I thought would only be caught by a subgroup of a subgroup of readers. But I thought it had potential as a larger story.

So I started the GN. The thumbnails began in November, and the page pencils began Dec. 24. In late August I finished the first round of pencils and inks.

That's roughly two inches of art boards, and I know there will be more.

I'll scan and letter atop them and see how the story works. Writing is rewriting. I have the advantage of lettering my own script so I can revise on the fly.

Here's the GN's first panel:

And here's the last:

A lot happens in between. Almost a whole century.

As a bonus, here's my Eddie Campbell From Hell homage panel.

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