Friday, September 23

... And Introducing Star Trek

My son, The Deputy, is six years old, and he's just discovered Star Trek.

He has seen halves of the first two Abrams movies and went crazy for them. We cranked up Netflix and showed him the series his mom and I grew up on (the original, because we're old), and he went crazy for that too.

Because we only let him watch movies on weekends, he can't do what he really wants every day, which is watch Kirk and Sulu take out the Romulan mining platform over Vulcan. He thinks Sulu is a ninja because he has the sword, and he flip-fights, and I see no reason to correct him.

He didn't care for the original series cartoon, but he does like the live-action version. Loves loves loves "The Cage," the pilot with Captain Pike. We see that a lot. And we're slowly moving through the series when we can convince him to let Pike and Number One and Limping Spock take a break.

Pike is cool because he's smart, and that episode is smart, like a lot of the mid-century sci-fi of the time. And no wonder; the top talents at the time were a murderers row: Bradbury, Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein, and shows like X Minus One and Dimension X. Star Trek could have gone in the opposite direction of, say, Space Patrol. It didn't. It strove for more.

Inspired by all that, I drew Pike, and I'll probably do sketches as we move through the series.

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