Monday, August 17

DragonCon 15: Here's Frodo

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Last time, I had sewn a Mithril base into a store-bought Frodo costume.

I let that sit and then applied glitter paint for the filigree. I used photo reference loosely, making swirls to cover the black threads. While that dried, I started on his shoes.

I took a picture of my own feet as they are fairly hobbity, and I drew them on the shoes with pencil.

I went over that with Sharpies and Pitt pens for the hair.

 He loves them.

We put the costume onto him and added the replica ring and the cloak broach we got off Amazon. You can see the final Mithril in the below pic.

The pants need to be hemmed almost to half, and I can do that tonight after supper. Otherwise, yeah, we're done.

He's dying to go to Atlanta to see all the other costumes. We found the listing for the Tolkien photoshoot for the convention, and we'll attend. He might not get in the official photos with his store-bought costume, but we'll get pictures on the sidelines with folks waiting their turn.

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