Monday, June 23

HeroesCon 2014

A fantastic time with a great table partner, Flatbear. That's it in a nutshell. You can see all the pictures here.
But there's much more.

Checked in an unloaded early enough to see the new X-Men movie in a cinema restaurant. Grabbed a Five Guys meal and collapsed into a burger coma.

Started with a bang and quick commission requests. Again, the biz card sketches were my bread-and-butter. We had a great table location. I let friends borrow my room to change into costumes. A few hours later, someone I know only online showed me a picture of my suitcase in my hotel room. The hotel had checked him into my room (same last name). Were he not a good guy, I could have lost all my stuff and never known how. I'm still waiting for the hotel to fix this or at least acknowledge something bad happened. Had he not told me I wouldn't have know. Except they deactivated MY room key when he informed them. I bought a number of toys for my son but quickly returned to my table to take advantage of the brisk business. We had dinner at Outback to decompress from a very busy day.

Sold a lotta Dr. Who prints (which you can get here) and some Loki prints (which you also get here). Continued meeting many of Flatbear's online followers and members of the Carol Corps. We enjoyed all the costumes on display and had Five Guys for supper. I kept the burger coma at bay by visiting the hotel bar and checking in occasionally with the convention art auction. I intended to make and submit a piece Saturday morning, but commissions shoved that aside.

The second I walk away from the table to shop, someone dropped off their sketchbook for a commission. Murphy's Law. But I busted out a surprisingly good Iron Giant for it, and I'm glad I returned to the table so soon to get to work. Then I went shopping and got toys for the boy and me. I also found the 501st Legion section with life-size Star Wars sets. My God. Of course I jumped into that (literally).

That was eclipsed by seeing my very first con sketch from 2008. The gentleman brought it back to show me his son's old con sketchbook and to ask for a sketch in his daughter's book. The idea that he remembered and found me and brought it was too much. I was flabbergasted. Just amazing. And right before the con ended, I taped up a busted boot for an X-23 cosplayer with masking tape.

The whole weekend was amazing. HeroesCon is always a party, on either side of the tables, and I look forward to next year's show. I'd do it this weekend if possible.

BUT I have a mini-con Wednesday when I sit in with Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick at Asheville's Comic Envy. I'll do free sketches with a collection jar for donations and tips. The DeFractions will choose the charity for the proceeds.

Here's the full list of art made and sold during the convention:
Turok, Son of Stone (loved that comic as a kid)
Hannibal Lecter
Will Graham
Dr. Who (nine)
Thanos vs. Angela
Hulk as Elsa from Frozen
Heath Ledger Joker
Sexy Venom (following last year's Sexy Red Skull)
Tyrion Lannister
Dr. Who (eleven)
Starfire (cartoon version)
Dr. Who (eight, ten, and eleven)
Dr. Doom
Lumberjane April
Iron Man
Blue Beetle
Captain America
Ms. Marvel
Iron Giant
Harry Potter
Tina from Bob's Burgers
Kate Bishop

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