Monday, June 9

GeekOut 2014

 You can see more pictures here.

This past weekend was my first at GeekOut, Asheville's two-day convention. I again worked a table on my own and this time I was between the Asheville Harry Potter Alliance and A Study in Polish. It was good company.

The show was kinda small for foot traffic, but it focused on workshops and panels. There were two costume contests and a Brony parade against bullying. I saw quite a bit from my table and did decent business.
Here's what I sold over the weekend. Once again, my business art cards carried the weekend sales.

+ an 8.5 x 11 color commission for an original character
+ an Elsa Frozen card sketch
+ Deadpool color card
+ A Doctor Who print
+ a Wolverine sketch
+ a Doctor Who card
+ a card of Louise from Bob's Burgers
+ a card of two brother attendees
+ a Hannibal Lecter card
+ a Will Graham card
+ a copy of my trade with a free Saga card
+ a Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz color card
+ a trade with a Pond card (Doctor Who)
+ a color Kahleesi card
+ a Doctor Who card
+ a trade with a free Magneto card
+ a Will Graham card
+ a Starfire color card (Teen Titans Go)
+ a Psylocke color sketch
+ a Lara Croft card
+ a trade with a free Captain Marvel card

So not bad. A LOT of Doctor Who interest in this show.

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