Tuesday, January 7

Starfire Second Try

I posted a sketch of Starfire back in 2011, and it was quick and shaggy. I liked it initially, but it was clearly stiff and awkward when I came back to it. Also, hair never looks right when I draw it.

In between comics and commissions, I gave it another go. I sketched it, lightboxed it to bristol board, and colored it in Photoshop.

That's better.

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I grew up on the Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans. I picked up the series about four issues after it started and followed it for a long, long time. I worked up this sketch over a number of months, setting it aside and returning to polish it between comics and commissions. A holiday break allowed me to have time to ink and color it in Photoshop. And here we are.

I make no claims as to a proper version of the character. A lot of folks know her from the cartoon, and there’s been much to-do about the New 52 version. I don’t have much affinity for the New 52 material. It’s not my thing. I probably aged out of their key demographic. The Starfire I remember had no qualms killing bad guys or walking about nude or relishing her friendships. She loved what and whom she loved with abandon, and she was fiercely protective of them. Cut off from her people, nothing would happen to the new family she found on Earth.

There was an early Titans issue where the group had to travel to Paradise Island to heal Changeling/Beast Boy, and it was established perfectly that she could be inducted into the Amazons in about ten minutes. I always liked that idea: Paradise Island taking in women from various backgrounds, teaching them the Amazon ways, helping them find a focus, and sending them out back out into Man’s World to fix it one person at a time.

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