Ahoy. Here, you can buy copies of our comics published under the Robot Wonderboy umbrella. All payments are handled through PayPal -- secure & convenient -- and processed by the talented and efficient shipping squids here at RWB HQ. If you have any questions, please email us here before you order. Those squids live for your emails.

NOTE: Multiple issues going to the same address will share the flat $2 shipping rate. You pay the one flat $2 rate no matter how many books you order at one time. Also, the 7-pack shipping cost is included in the $20 ordering price.

There are two options for purchasing your comics: individual issues and the all-inclusive 7-pack. The 7-pack option is at the bottom of the page.

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I now offer prints of my most popular pieces in two sizes: 8 x 10 and 8.5 x 11 inches. The below payment link will let you choose the sizes. The price includes shipping and tax.

Three Doctors.
Black and white.
Free personalization: I can sign the front in white ink, if you like.

Personalization request

Black and white.
Free personalization: Add a word balloon. Make him say anything!

Personalization request

 More prints to come!


I will be appearing at the following shows in 2014, and you can sign up for commissions for each show:
SC Comicon
Asheville Comic Expo

I am offering inked commissions (4-character limit) in three sizes:
11 x 17 - $30 (Color $25)
8.5 X 11 - $20 (Color $25)
8.5 X 5.5- $10 (Color $15)
If you have any questions about ordering your piece(s), please email me.The examples shown are in varying sizes and are available for purchase (email with any questions).

4 characters max.
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This 16-page comic is the smallest of the Sinclair series, but it's the biggest in scope. The youngest heroes of The Spire encounter big evil doings and can't call for back-up! This story starts the next big arc for the series!  $2.00  
+ + +

 It's our second standard-size comic and ties together the previous four issues of the Sinclair heroes (Focus, eMMA, Battle Royal, and Sue Tonium.) See how Focus came to Sinclair! Meet Armory, the boy hero! Witness the return of Sue Tonium, the radioactive rollergirl! Giant evil robots! Sharp retorts! $3.00

+ + +

Introducing Sinclair's newest legend: Sue Tonium, the star rollergirl for the Sinclair Smackdown. See the origin of Sue! The Spire sidekicks in action! Sinclair's biggest threat! $2.00

+  +  +

Former SCRAP champion Black Jenny is on the warpath against eMMA, and she's ready to take Sinclair apart to get back her title! Not a mincomic! This is our first full-size comic book! $5.00

+  +  +

Experience the origin of eMMA (the electronic Mixed Martial Artist) as she moves from the SCRAP fight league to fighting Kurt Mangle, the Olympic Werewolf, for the SCRAP title. $2.00

+ + +

A 20-page b/w minicomic featuring a day in the life of the title superheroine as she establishes herself among the heroes in the city of Sinclair. See her fight alongside eMMA (the electronic Mixed Martial Artist) against ReVolt, the Electric Zombie. $2.00
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An eight-page b/w mini comic about a vampire and werewolf who discover an egg on their doorstep.What will their offspring look like? You decide. The last page has room for you to draw the monster. Once drawn, scan or photograph it and send it to us and we'll add it to our online WHAM gallery. $2.00

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Get one copy of each comic for one great price:
$20.00 (that INCLUDES shipping). This also includes a separate letter-size blank page from We're Having A Monster for you to create your creature.